Saturday, October 19


JUICY!!!!!! Steve Grand has been writing music since the age of eleven, and dreaming about recording and performing for as long as he can remember. Yet, only recently, did he decide that he was “ready” to take his shot at building a career as an artist. And was he ever! The release of his first original song and music video, “All-American Boy” on YouTube on July 2, 2013, was an overnight success, accumulating more than 1.5 million views in the first two weeks! The song struck a chord with thousands of people who were deeply moved that Steve had expressed so beautifully their personal story of unrequited longing, through the well-written and relatable country-tinged rock ballad. HE WAS AT THE COVER OF DNA MAGAZINE AND LOOKING AT THOSE PICS,, WHAT COULD I ASKED MORE.HEIS AN OPENLY GAY COUNTRY SINGER AND YES HE HAD AGOOD VOICE.

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