Thursday, February 13

Michael Christian Martinez, Filipino Figure Skater

JUICY!!!!!! First filipino to compete in WINTER OLYMPICS.. WE ARE SOMPROUD OF YOU!!  SOCHI, Russia (AP) — Michael Martinez nailed the bow at the end. Four bows, to be exact, though no one could blame him. He didn't seem to want to leave the ice Thursday night, and no one was going to blame him for that, either. This wasn't the shopping mall in the Philippines, where he learned his jumps and spins while trying to avoid parents and their kids skating by on family outings. This was the Iceberg Skating Palace and this was the Olympics, where the teenager was desperate for the skate of his young life. He had less than three minutes to prove himself in the short program and make it to the men's free skate final. If he didn't, he might have to be thinking about the next step, perhaps working for his family raising vegetables to sell to Japan. The expenses had become too much. The mall had contributed some money, but in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan there wasn't much the government could do for a figure skater, the nation's only competitor in Sochi.

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