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Christian, a hunky, 20-something, West Hollywood party boy gets more than he bargains for when he tries to seduce 19-year-old Elder Aaron Davis, a sexually confused Mormon missionary who moves into his apartment complex. When Christian exposes Davis' secret sexual desire, Davis' rejects Christian for being shallow and empty. The encounter shatters each boy's reality and draws the two into a passionate romance that risks destroying their lives.


  1. A very good film. This is certainly one of the best in the gay genre to date. The story starts off as a comic look at two different worlds-- the urban gay lifestyle, as seen through the eyes of a Weho party boy, and the strict, conservative life of a young Mormon missionary serving in Los Angeles. When these two characters meet, there are surprising results. Refusing to talk down to or patronize either the audience or the individual worlds these characters represent, writer-director C. Jay Cox crafts a funny, touching and inspiring mix of comedy, drama and romance.

  2. Excellent performance by all the main character actors and a relatively evenhanded look at both the gay and mormon subcultures.

    If you don't like seeing gay men on film, you won't like this movie. But if you're interested in amoive that has someone to say both about the shallowness of some gay men and the narrow mindness of some religious folks this movie is worth seeing.

    What makes it most interesting is that both main characters experience a conversion of sorts. Which is more profound is up to the viewer to judge.

    Whatever your viewpoint, the movie is not boring and has an attracitve and well put together presentation.

  3. It was one of the most beautiful gay movies I've ever seen - all main roles were perfectly played, the story was great and showed the narrow minds of those who are too fanatic into religion (here they show the mormon culture, but I'm sure it counts for every religion) and it's the first gay movie that made me cry like a baby towards the end - what the mormon guy had to suffer and how he finally finds his love back thanks to a song ;-) Soo beautiful - a movie really worth seeing !

  4. I love this movie! I have it on DVD and have watched it over 500 times. I love the scene where the mother of the Mormman is scrubbing the coils of her stove and the door bell rings. All I can remember about her is when she was on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, in the 70's! She was a wanna B, country western singer, riding a stick horse through Mary's living room! What a hoot that was! It is a far cry as what she portrayed in this movie. Great movie.



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