Wednesday, October 5


Bryan Thomas was first discovered at the age of 25 when he was featured on "All American Guys" - a popular online magazine for male models.

I love it when you can see how a model has developed his body from his images. Bryan Thomas is one of those guys. There are the shots of him when he started out, lean and a little more rugged looking. And then there are the images where you can see he’s spent a few more hours in the gym.
Personally, I don’t know which version of this handsome hunk I prefer. Either way he’s absolutely gorgeous. Although I have to say I think I like the rough and rugged look with a beefy hairy chest and a little stubble on that perfect jaw.


I just can't say which one is my fave pic.. he's lloking  yummy in all of it.. grrrr....


  1. Che cazzo e che culo che ha Bryan.Me lo farei mettere nel mio buco del culo fino a sfondarmelo!

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