Sunday, December 11


                                                         A FILM BY:   Richard  Natale
                                        CAST: Tony Campisi, Richard Israel and Crystal Jackson

A drama centering on a long-term male relationship that begins when the two men meet at a garage sale and fight over the same green plaid shirt through the tragic period when one gets AIDS and his partner becomes the care giver

Country: USA Year:  1996          Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: English                        Runtime: 87 mins.


  1. A gay love story full of humanity with all the contradictions that it implies : desire, possession, hate, disillusions, forgiving for being beside the beloved when the dark side of life is overwhelming him. And with actors that are human beings no plastic creatures jumped out from a beauty surgery clinic.

  2. It's probably the most beautifully moving and believable love story I have ever seen anywhere. Besides the sound, everything about this movie--writing, direction, acting, editing, photography--is absolutely perfect and astonishing. The story line is not chronologically linear, but it's perfectly fitted to the development of this particular story and makes it easier to follow than if it WERE chronological.

    This is no fairy tale romance. There are failures, betrayals, stupidity, selfishness and much sadness along the way, but that's how life is. Learning to love another person THROUGH troubles like that is the greatest good available to us as human beings, and that is exactly what this movie is about.



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