Wednesday, October 30

Matthew Born

JUICY!!!!!!I always love DNA .I always admired the guys featured in here.and lot of the guys. Featured here. Are. Hot and. Gorgeous specially this guy, Matthew born
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Simply lickable...

Saturday, October 26


JUICY!!!!!!I shared some really hot naked pics of gorgeous jock Douglas Beckham, and they certainly got a lot of attention. Rick Day was the one responsible for shooting him with his impressive dick out, but it seems there’s a lot more to show off from their pairing, or they’ve enjoyed another since, that definitely deserves another horny post. Now, you all know that Rick Day is amazing when it comes to shooting guys with their dicks out, but this has to be one of the hottest shoots from the guy I have ever seen. Douglas Beckham really doesn’t hold back at all, getting it hard, working it, showing off his ass and even shooting a load too. This is where male modeling, amazing photography and gay porn all collide to create something absolutely stunning, with a bisexual porn star who is more than a little accustomed to showing it all off for the fans! More Of Douglas Beckham 1 More Of Douglas Beckha


Plot: Have you ever met someone who made your body heat up, get a little nervous and sweaty, and made your crotch stir a bit? Sexual Tension: Volatile will reignite those lustful feelings as it weaves six scintillating experiences of men in various stages of nudity and many forms of erotic male bonding. A pulsating, sexually-charged thrill ride, the film begins as a young man feels the adrenaline rush of his sexy tattooist’s needle in “Ari” while in “The Cousin,” a geeky, cute boy finds a hot Summer afternoon triggering his taboo desire for his Speedo-clad cousin. Two straight buddies literally show each other how to make love to a woman in “The Other One,” while a man with ‘Broken Arms’ receives a sensual sponge bath from a male nurse. “Love” is questionable when a broken shower brings a married man and a hairy, innkeeper together when they least expect it and in “Workout” two muscular men, ‘sexting’ pictures to some hot chicks, begin to shed their clothes and inhibitions. Argentinian filmmakers Marcelo Mónaco and Marco Berger omnibus film, where sex links each story, offers voyeuristic pleasures as the camera penetrates and caresses the men’s bodies, but also turns a sharp eye to the mysterious, taboo and electrifying nature of male intimacy.

Thursday, October 24

Gay Actor Scott Evans NUDE, Brother of actor Chris Evans

JUICY!!!!! "Scott Evans used to play a gay cop on One Life To Live, but he's also appeared on shows like Law & Order and White Collar. Scott happens to be actor Chris Evans' younger brother, and some racy selfies of Scott appeared online recently." Supposedly from his tumblr account. From IMDB.com "We’ve been accused in the past of pandering to prurient interests, and we do take the criticism to heart. However … when a Tbl all-time favorite like Scott Evans decides to post nude selfies for the world to see … we have to think about the greater good. Out actor Scott (brother of Captain America star Chris) is best known as Police Cop Oliver Fish on One Life To Live, and was one half of the show’s gay supercouple Kish (along with Brett Claywell as Kyle Lewis). For a while, they were the “it” gay couple on daytime TV, until they were unceremoniously dumped by Tptb. Since then, Scott has had small roles in episodic TV, and an unfortunate run-in with the law last year. And now, Scott has decided to join the growing trend of public figures posting nude selfies for the world to see."

Wednesday, October 23


JUICY!!!!!!Title: Dear Friend Director: Sophie Boyce & George Fox Year: 2011 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Language: English Running time: 17 mins Plot synopsis: We've all done it—fallen in love with someone who we shouldn't have. But what happens when the guy you love is your best friend *and* straight.

Monday, October 21


JUICY!!!!!! Amor Crudo” (“Raw Love”) is an Argentinian short film about two close friends, Ivan (Felipe Villanueva) and Jeremías (Valentino Arocena), experimenting with their sexuality by masturbating each other. One of the two teenage boys seems to have strong feelings for the other. The film was directed by juan Chappa and Martín Deus, and written by Martín Deus.

Secrets (2007)

JUICY!!!!!! Plot synopsis: A group of young people spend their nights playing cards, eating sweets and drinking alcohol. But what other secrets are they keeping from their parents, their friends or themselves? Title: Secrets Director: Jeff Warden Country of Origin: USA Language: English Running time: ~15 mins

Saturday, October 19


JUICY!!!!!! Gay themed story of two guys who chat to have sex and something unexpected happens when they meet.


JUICY!!!!!! The carioca Lucas Barreto was born on March 12, 1988. He entered the reality Farm Summer in Rede Record, probably handpicked to warm the climate at home being the worst edition of the program so far. Within days put raised the temperature of the participants, to get excited in front of everyone and bathing naked. Thing that still scares here. The fact is that Lucas is not first-timer, the boy once posed nude for G Magazine.


JUICY!!!!!! I ALREADY FEATURED HIM BEFORE,BUT GOSH HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL NOT TO BE POSTED HERE AGAIN. Bo was born November 8, 1985, in Sarasota, Florida. He formerly worked on the riot squad at a jail, and was discovered by a photographer while he was cage fighting. He has also done work under the name Bo Berta, but don't think that means he has a porn past. For if he does, I haven't found it...and I'VE been looking! Not to sound too judgey here, but I've always found cage fighters to be an odd breed; the types with true anger issues. If Bo has any such issues, he hides it well in his pictures. Aw, how can you fear a guy who hugs his monkey? Maybe Bo is the exception to the typical cage fighters. Her certainly exudes a certain sweetness in his pictures. HAIRY OR SHAVED,IT DOESNT MATTER ON THIS GUY


JUICY!!!!!! Steve Grand has been writing music since the age of eleven, and dreaming about recording and performing for as long as he can remember. Yet, only recently, did he decide that he was “ready” to take his shot at building a career as an artist. And was he ever! The release of his first original song and music video, “All-American Boy” on YouTube on July 2, 2013, was an overnight success, accumulating more than 1.5 million views in the first two weeks! The song struck a chord with thousands of people who were deeply moved that Steve had expressed so beautifully their personal story of unrequited longing, through the well-written and relatable country-tinged rock ballad. HE WAS AT THE COVER OF DNA MAGAZINE AND LOOKING AT THOSE PICS,, WHAT COULD I ASKED MORE.HEIS AN OPENLY GAY COUNTRY SINGER AND YES HE HAD AGOOD VOICE.

Thursday, October 17


JUICY!!!!!! After his gay cousin dies from hepatitis, young Laurent, who lives with his best friend Carole, falls in love with Cedric, a plant scientist. He's afraid to inform his conservative parents that he is gay.





JUICY!!!!!!I know a lot of the readers here love the tight and smooth muscled jocks we often share, but I also know that there are plenty of readers who like their men to be a little more manly, more rugged and more natural. I think it’s fair to say that this gorgeous guy qualifies in regard to all of those points. As if he’s not sexy enough already, I do believe that this stud also happens to be gay! Yes, you heard me. Now, before you rush out there on the net to find out more about him and formulate a plan to ensnare him as a lover – an elaborate plan worthy of Barney Stinson – just remember that there is a fine line between appreciating a handsome man and stalking! Besides, I don’t want the competition, back off bitches, he’s mine! lol


JUICY!!!!!!Alex is a former marine who lost his right leg in Afghanistan after his truck ran over an explosive. According to GuySpy, the soldier spent “58 days in a coma, then was in active duty while in a San Diego hospital for 17 months before being honorably discharged.” He was discovered at a local Los Angeles gym while he was working out. “I go to the gym twice a day, I’m very healthy,” he told GuySpy. “The first photographer approached me as I was leaving the place. At first I thought it was just another gay guy hitting on me.”


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