Saturday, October 19


JUICY!!!!!! I ALREADY FEATURED HIM BEFORE,BUT GOSH HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL NOT TO BE POSTED HERE AGAIN. Bo was born November 8, 1985, in Sarasota, Florida. He formerly worked on the riot squad at a jail, and was discovered by a photographer while he was cage fighting. He has also done work under the name Bo Berta, but don't think that means he has a porn past. For if he does, I haven't found it...and I'VE been looking! Not to sound too judgey here, but I've always found cage fighters to be an odd breed; the types with true anger issues. If Bo has any such issues, he hides it well in his pictures. Aw, how can you fear a guy who hugs his monkey? Maybe Bo is the exception to the typical cage fighters. Her certainly exudes a certain sweetness in his pictures. HAIRY OR SHAVED,IT DOESNT MATTER ON THIS GUY


  1. Hairy version~~definitely better!!

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