Thursday, October 17


JUICY!!!!!!Okay guys, I know you’re all gonna totally love these pics of Douglas Beckham. You’knowRick Day already I’m guessing after all the pics we’ve shared on the blog before. The guy manages to capture some of the most gorgeous guys in some of the most intense images. And he often gets them to strip off and really show everything too. I guess a lot of them are really daring anyway, but he seems to be able to push guys into really showing it all. MY KIND OF GUY... OH GOSH ...JUST PERFECT.. It’s obvious that Douglas Beckham isn’t related to THE Beckham, but I can kind of see why he would be working under that (it might actually be his real name I suppose). There’s definitely something Beckham in his look, don’t you think? I’m not gonna spend ages talking about his cock, because I really don’t need to. Just look at him, grabbing it, showing it off, getting it chubby… We might be having a hardcore gay post tomorrow, but this will do for me for now I think! lol

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