Saturday, October 26


JUICY!!!!!!I shared some really hot naked pics of gorgeous jock Douglas Beckham, and they certainly got a lot of attention. Rick Day was the one responsible for shooting him with his impressive dick out, but it seems there’s a lot more to show off from their pairing, or they’ve enjoyed another since, that definitely deserves another horny post. Now, you all know that Rick Day is amazing when it comes to shooting guys with their dicks out, but this has to be one of the hottest shoots from the guy I have ever seen. Douglas Beckham really doesn’t hold back at all, getting it hard, working it, showing off his ass and even shooting a load too. This is where male modeling, amazing photography and gay porn all collide to create something absolutely stunning, with a bisexual porn star who is more than a little accustomed to showing it all off for the fans! More Of Douglas Beckham 1 More Of Douglas Beckha

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