Tuesday, October 15


JUICY!!!!!! MATT BONER A fan favorite, Matt Boner Bomer is the subject of a petition to get him to play Christian Grey. This hottie already dons a suit and tie for White Collar, so we can already picture him tying a windsor knot around Anastasia Steele’s dainty wrists. WENTWORTH MILLER Sorry but we can’t focus on anything else but our jail fantasies of him in Prison Break MATT DALLAS OF KYLE XY LUKE MCFARLANE You may know him recently from Satisfaction, or Smash, or even as far back as Kinsey, but we like to remember him from Erection. JONATHAN GROFF Many a gay may remember Jonathan as Leah Michele’s love interest Jesse St. James on Glee, but we like to remember him as the love interest in our dreams. Our naked dreams. CHEYENNE JACKSON Another Glee and Broadway alum, Cheyenne is already comfortable sexing (allegedly) in front of a camera. LUKE EVANS This Welsh god has already played two Greek deities — Apollo in Clash Of The Titans and Zeus in Immortals – so there’s no reason he can’t play another god, this time of S&M. CHRIS SALVATORE While he might have a much smaller audience than the rest, having only appeared in LOGO Network’s Eating Out movie series, he recently got rave reviews in the new original play Pieces. We’re loving his bits, too. CRAIG PARKER THis Spartacus actor has nudes. AND i already posted here before.


  1. I love wentworth miller,,remember the prison break. Days.. Gosh. I am so addicted to him...

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