Monday, November 25


JUICY!!!!!!There are a few hunks that I will always come back to on the blog, because I know that a lot of the readers here feel the same way about them and can appreciate them as much as I do. Kirill Dowidoff I one such hunk, and after seeing what there was out there that I hadn’t shared on here with you all before I decided (very quickly) that it was time for another post of this handsome man.

Check it out and wish you have x-ray specs or something, because that is such a teasing sight you will definitely be interested in seeing what’s in those shorts.
The gorgeous hunk is definitely not shy about showing off and teasing the audience, and I think that is one of the things that makes him the perfect model for ES Collection. His handsome looks and that body are the main thing, but the way he shows it all off definitely makes him sexier icon wink More Of Kirill Dowidoff

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