Wednesday, December 25

Kirill Dowidoff – Naked!

If you’ve never seen him on the blog before, I have to ask if you were living under a rock or something. He’s one of the most popular male models out there right now in my opinion, and his work with some of the best photographers and some of the hottest underwear brands has made him even more popular than he was before.

I have no doubt that this insanely handsome Russian jock will be around in the business for years to come, and he will always have an audience out there in the blogosphere.
I know we had a nude post already today, but I couldn’t ignore the naked shots of this stunning man just because of that. So, I’ve mixed it all in and created a collection of photos that should interest all of you icon wink Beautiful Male Model Kirill Dowidoff   Naked!


  1. Gosh... Im lost in words... Perfection

  2. Two words - Wet Dreams!



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