Wednesday, January 29

Felipe Martins

Ridiculously handsome is the only way I can describe Felipe Martins properly. There is no other way for me to really convey how utterly gorgeous I think this young man is.
There are thousands of guys I could post, hundreds of male models that I think are attractive, and have great bodies. But I’m starting to think that maybe I should have a scale of rating, a method to indicate on a 1 to 10 how perfect I think a model is.
Felipe Martins would be a 10.

Absolutely everything about this guy turns me on. Just check out these pics by Giuliano Correia and I think you’ll understand what I mean. He has the most teasing and seductive eyes, and they really do say “come to bed” lol
Then those lips, totally kissable. And that jaw line too…
But the rest of him certainly isn’t ignored in these pics, showing off his very slightly hairy chest, and then teasing in some denim shorts.

But, with Felipe Martins, it’s more about his gorgeous face – along with a smooth and less defined physique. Together, that whole package deal makes him one of the most stunning men I think I have ever shared on the blog.

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