Thursday, January 30

Handsome Landon Falgoust

JUICY!!!!!!Has there been a name change for this handsome male model? Back in April last year I shared some very sexy photos of a young shirtless man by the name of Kaylan Morgan Falgoust, and unless I am wildly mistaken, he is the same young man now going by the name of Landon Falgoust in this shoot for Rick Day.And yes, I have to mention again that these photos are by Rick Day, one of our all-time favorite photographers here on the Gay Body Blog. I have no idea how many shoots of his we’ve seen on here over the years, but he has a talent for really showing off some incredibly gorgeous men, and long may that continue to be the case too. This is a pretty hot mix of shots, with Landon Falgoust playing the part of a skater boy – not very convincingly I might add lol – and then the part of a handsome young professional man – something more to his speed in my opinion. He is more of a “James Bond” than a “Jimmy Bond” isn’t he? He definitely has that look about him.

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