Friday, January 3


Nobody else will discover the truth about them as no other students in their right mind would ever want to join as geography sounds so boring. Their secrets will be safe from their classmates. But are they? "Geography Club" is a smart, fast, moving and funny account of contemporary teenagers as they discover their own sexual identities, dreams and values and not merely live out their parents' desires and ambitions.

Russell, Kevin, Min, Terese and Ike may not learn about actual places in their undercover social club, but they daringly explore the danger-filled clique-mined landscape of Goodkind High School and courageously begin their journey in the exciting, still uncharted terrain of the human heart. The film is produced by Huffington Pictures' Michael Huffington (ex-husband of Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington) and follows a group of high schoolers who are discovering their own sexual identities -- along with their dreams and ambitions in life. “This universal story of each of us finding our true selves will resonate with anyone who attended high school for decades to come," says Huffington. "We are delighted that Breaking Glass Pictures is joining forces with our team to bring this entertaining and meaningful movie to the public.”

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