Friday, January 24

Kevin AZ -Model

JUICY!!!!!!Some jock models out there are like the epitome of the all-American jock boy, and when I saw Kevin AZ I immediately thought he was a great example. I love everything about this guy, from his eyes to his bulge! Of course I’m gonna love the bulge, This guy is only 25 years old, but he already knows what he wants to do. He’s not just a model, he’s studying too, Marketing and Nutrition. So I guess he’s really keeping his options open (something we all need to be doing!) But of course, his hot body is the focus of the post, and that is one tight and muscled body he has there. While he’s shaved and smooth in these pics, I can imagine that he might actually be a little naturally hairy. I’d love to see pics of him in all his glory and without being shaved smooth! I guess he’s only just started out recently, so there aren’t a whole lot of images out there of this guy, but if you find any more, please let me know because I would really love to see a lot more of this guy. And I’m pretty sure all our readers would too.

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