Thursday, January 2

Maxwell Zagorski==bulge

JUICY!!!!!!Florida born Maxwell Zagorski found fame thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch in 2006. He was snatched from his student life in his home state to be a male model for the company, based in New York City.
That was just the start of things for the gorgeous young man, and two years after starting out with A&F he became a very successful male model outside of the famous brand.
Although he started out as a fresh-faced, all-American model on the cusp of teen/adult transition, I think we can all agree that he’s matured very nicely to become an incredibly handsome young hunk.

I like to mention a models best assets, but he really has numerous things going on and I could be here for hours pouring praise on the guy. So, I’ll just mention that gorgeous face, his smooth jock bod and that rather delicious tempting bulge – I think that covers all the most important bits, right? lol

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