Sunday, January 26

Rogerio Miranda Naked

JUICY!!!!!! I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous Rogerio Miranda! After that post a couple of days ago I wanted to find more of this hot uncut guy and share him with you all too, and when I saw this second shoot from G Magazine of him showing it all off again I knew it had to go on here, and I just couldn’t wait for a “naked day” to do it! Although the last collection of pics featuring Rogerio Miranda were hot, I actually think these ones are hotter. He’s so handsome and he has a really delicious body. And that dick is just perfect too, uncut and just the right size to really enjoy. I guess a lot of us are really used to the big muscle hunks with huge dicks in porn, but guys like Rogerio Miranda are just as sexy and just as delicious to see in my opinion. If he was a porn star I would definitely be paying attention to who he’s playing with and what he’s appearing in!

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