Friday, February 28

Anochecer ( Argentina, 2012)

JUICY!!!!!!Simply I have to say two words... LOVELY... TENDERNESS... Love in my opinion can´t be questionable... has to be respected, has to be taken care as also the word should yes give more atention to what realy love is and represents... otherwhise we are already dead

Thursday, February 27



Wednesday, February 26

Gatecrusher (2012)

JUICY!!!!! Gatecrusher (2012) How far would you go to achieve your dreams? That’s the question that Mark Jenkins is constantly asking himself. A young, gay actor fresh out of LAMDA, Mark’s got the looks, the ability, and the charisma to go all the way. His agent can get him the auditions, but the parts are just never quite right. That’s because in Mark’s mind, there’s only one man who can help him: James Francis -an older established writer as well as a renowned gay icon. However, what begins as an ambitious idea soon turns into obsession, with Mark slowly gatecrashing the life of his idol

Tuesday, February 25

Brody Harris Naked

JUICY!!!!!! had to get these photos on the blog for others to enjoy when I saw this shoot for RollingBlackouts. I guess they’re a PR company, but whatever they do (they seem to do a lot) they do it well!here it   is,,,

Saturday, February 22

Diego Arnary And That Hairy Chest

JUICY!!!!!! It’s not really a secret that I love guys with hairy chests. I don’t like men with a massive tangle of fur there, but men who have something like rugged stubble. That’s why these photos of the gorgeous Diego Arnary made it to the blog today, the guy is so handsome and hot, and that chest is amazing!After a lot of coercion, me and a friend managed to convince him to trim everything, from his dick to his neck, and he came into the gym the following week looking 50% hotter than he was already. He was impressed with it too, his dick looked bigger, his pecs and abs more defined, and after a couple of days working out he’s noticed more guys and girls checking him out too! lol I think Diego Arnary has the perfect amount of fur going on in these photos by Salvador Pozo. He looks so handsome, and naturally fit and buff too, gorgeous!

Friday, February 21

Studly Mike Stalker

JUICY!!!!!!Sometimes a combination can be absolutely perfect, and I think the mix of brand, photographer and model for this collection of images is one of those examples. First of all we have the legendary Rick Day snapping the shots, then we have the gorgeous and hunky Mike Stalker posing for him, and he’s showing off the bulge capabilities of the C-IN2 brand. That, my friends, is an awesome mix!

Even though it appears that this is his first time on the blog, I know I’ve seen Mike Stalker plenty of times in the past – you don’t see a seriously brooding and handsome man, with a body and a cock bulge like that, and forget him very easily. He’s perfect in so many ways, and although I would like to see one photo of the guy smiling in this shoot, the photos we have are enough to keep my imagination running wild for a considerable time ;) I’m gonna get down to the nitty-gritty here and say something that I think a lot of you will be thinking too… he has some big balls.

Tuesday, February 18


JUICY!!!!!! Have you ever felt alone even though you are surrounded by people? solo2Solo, a movie directed and written by Ana Maria Saad and Geison Ferreira, talks about loneliness, which, contrary to what most people think has got nothing to do with being alone but rather with a feeling of emptiness and solitude, even when in other people´s company. That sensation can turn into something really bad if their reasons are not identified and eliminated.

Monday, February 17

Roberto Hernandez - Manhunt International Cuba 2013

JUICY!!!!!!Roberto Hernandez - Manhunt International Cuba 2013

Sunday, February 16

Rugby Hunk Kayne Lawton

JUICY!!!!!!I’ve been known to get a little bit butch occasionally. I know, saying that removes any butch points I might have gained, but I don’t care! One of the main reasons is actually just to get close to the masculine hunks, men like Kayne Lawton! I’ve been known to take part in some sports with very little interest in the game at all, just because I love to be around other hot guys, the kind of men you don’t really find out there in the club scene. I like my men a little bit rough and mean, and believe it or not, I get plenty of action from these same kinds of guys, even if they’re straight and sporty dudes.


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