Saturday, February 22

Diego Arnary And That Hairy Chest

JUICY!!!!!! It’s not really a secret that I love guys with hairy chests. I don’t like men with a massive tangle of fur there, but men who have something like rugged stubble. That’s why these photos of the gorgeous Diego Arnary made it to the blog today, the guy is so handsome and hot, and that chest is amazing!After a lot of coercion, me and a friend managed to convince him to trim everything, from his dick to his neck, and he came into the gym the following week looking 50% hotter than he was already. He was impressed with it too, his dick looked bigger, his pecs and abs more defined, and after a couple of days working out he’s noticed more guys and girls checking him out too! lol I think Diego Arnary has the perfect amount of fur going on in these photos by Salvador Pozo. He looks so handsome, and naturally fit and buff too, gorgeous!

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