Monday, February 10


JUICY!!!!!!I have to say one thing first about this gorgeous hunk of hairiness, and that one thing is WOOF! I was checking out some of the work of photographer David Wagner and when I found these shots of up-and-coming male model Levi Jackson I had to get his pics on the blog immediately and make some comments about this handsome, rugged, sexy and downright stunning young man! The 28 year old male model is originally from Kansas, but apparently he’s moving to New York this month and looking to start working with some of the top photographers in the business. I might be getting ahead here, but I think he’s likely to find a lot of photographers there just itching to get him in front of their cameras! Levi Jackson has a lot going for him. He’s perfect for the new masculine image we seem to be seeing rising out of the “twink” model phase, and it’s about time we started really appreciating real men and not the make-believe skinny image the fashion brands have been propping up for the last decade. There are so many things I love about these images it’s hard to mention everything in one post. But let me just say that the scar is sexy as hell, the fur is incredibly hot, the treasure trail is intense, and the sneaky little peek at the root of his manhood is so teasing it makes me want to cry lol I’m expecting good things from Levi Jackson in the future. I really, really, really hope that he crosses paths with Rick Day at some point. Can you imagine one of his classic sexy shoots featuring this guy?!

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