Friday, February 21

Studly Mike Stalker

JUICY!!!!!!Sometimes a combination can be absolutely perfect, and I think the mix of brand, photographer and model for this collection of images is one of those examples. First of all we have the legendary Rick Day snapping the shots, then we have the gorgeous and hunky Mike Stalker posing for him, and he’s showing off the bulge capabilities of the C-IN2 brand. That, my friends, is an awesome mix!

Even though it appears that this is his first time on the blog, I know I’ve seen Mike Stalker plenty of times in the past – you don’t see a seriously brooding and handsome man, with a body and a cock bulge like that, and forget him very easily. He’s perfect in so many ways, and although I would like to see one photo of the guy smiling in this shoot, the photos we have are enough to keep my imagination running wild for a considerable time ;) I’m gonna get down to the nitty-gritty here and say something that I think a lot of you will be thinking too… he has some big balls.

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