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Wednesday, March 26

Diego Narvaez

one thing for sure diego arnary or diego narvaez i dont care who  his name is all i can say is he is so smoking hot ...drop dead gorgeous and that dick ...its jus tmarvelousJUICY!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19

Romeos (2011)


Romeos (2011)

Romeos tells the story of Lukas, a young German man who has relocated to the city of Cologne as a part of some German civil service thing that I didn’t fully understand but which isn’t the point anyway. There he meets and becomes infatuated with a man named Fabio (Maximilian Befort) and the two begin a tumultuous and often very passionate relationship. The hitch comes when Fabio realizes what the film has clued us in to since the beginning. Namely, the fact that Lukas was once called Miriam and is a female to male (FTM) transgendered man.


Tuesday, March 18

Pierre Perrier

JUICY!!!!!!You may know French actorPierre Perrierfrom the seriesThe Returned, about a small mountain community which is rocked to its core when several local people who are presumed dead suddenly re-appear at their homes. Well before he shot the series, Pierre bared all in 2011'sAmerican Translation.

Saturday, March 15

Pierre Perrie


Zach McGowan

JUICY!!!!!!A bunch of whiney bitches were moaning (writhing even!) about wanting to seeZach McGowanonBlack Sailsnude too.

Wednesday, March 12

Lost in Paradise (2011)

Lost in Paradise (2011)

Director: Ngoc Dang Vu
Writers: Ngoc Dang Vu , Manh Hai LuongGenre: DramaCountry: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese with english subtitle
Duration: 103 min
Year: 2011
Stars: Manh Hai Luong, Vinh Khoa Ho and Linh Son

Khoi, a naive twenty-year-old, travels to Ho Chi Minh City from the countryside to begin a new life. It’s his first time in the big city and he’s looking for a place to live. He befriends Dong, a handsome extrovert who offers to share his apartment. When Khoi goes to check the place out, he meets Lam, who also appears to be living there. Khoi decides to stay, but while he showers, Dong and Lam – who turn out to be boyfriends – run off with all his cash and belongings. It’s not long before Lam is himself abandoned by Dong, and winds up back on the street as a prostitute. Meanwhile the penniless and disillusioned Khoi takes on menial jobs to survive. Lam and Khoi are eventually reunited, and despite Lam’s past actions, the two become closer and closer – even though Khoi becomes more and more troubled by Lam’s dangerous source of income. At the same time, Cuoi, a mentally handicapped man abandoned by his family, attempts to befriend a female prostitute. Her pimps do not take kindly to his hanging around and scaring away customers, but she takes pity on him and ultimately becomes his protector. )

Tuesday, March 11

Everybody But Ryan

Everybody But Ryan

Monday, March 10

Gianluigi Buffon of Italy

JUICY!!!!!! Italian paparazzi were able to document all the interesting inches. Did you know the Italians have, besides pizza, pasta & gelato, a particularly delicious thing they call salsicce?

Sunday, March 9

Water (2012)

Water (2012) James leads a lonely life in a luxurious castle in which his parents run a hotel. He never goes out with friends, spends his spare time in his room and peeks at the hotel’s guests out of boredom. Generally hides in his room, to stay away from his wannabe-controlling mother, who has no insight in the life of her son, James is forced outside when a group of handsome Swedish soccer players staying at the hotel capture his interest. When he finds one of the boys injured at the hotel’s swimming pool, James offers his help and smuggles the boy into his room and locks the door. Locked up with a strange boy in his own room, James experiences the complexity of his own sexual feelings and insecurities

Dan Osborne Naked

JUICY!!!!!!I know this guy might be unknown to most, but apparently he’s a star of some UK TV show called “The Only Way Is Essex” (TOWIE). I’m almost tempted to find it on-line and see what it’s all about. But, for the time being, I’m happy to just appreciate his sexy body in this shoot for Bang Lads underwear. Yeah, okay, there’s no full-frontal in this collection of shots, but then their Naked editions at Attitude are really more like “semi-naked” anyway. Still, although we don’t get any cock in this collection of photos we do get to drool over this fit British boys hot little ass and that tight smooth and inked body. To recap on who this guy is, as I understand it he’s a “celeb” personality who found fame in a reality TV show, one of those scripted shows that’s not so much about reality as it is about nonsense drama no one in their right mind actually cares about lol Still, I think a lot of people care about seeing Osborne Naked naked, so I guess that’s one good thing that’s come from the show.

Tuesday, March 4

Hawaii (2013)


Hawaii (2013)

Director: Marco Berger
Writer: Marco Berger
Genre: Drama, Romance
Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Year: 2013
Duration: 102 min

Stars: Manuel Vignau, Mateo Chiarino, Luz Palazón, Antonia De Michelis, Manuel Martínez Sobrado

awaii is a film about a helpless man that is reunited with a childhood friend who helps him, thus creating a bond that goes beyond friendship.
Martin seeks for an odd job at Eugenio’s house. When Eugenio recognizes Martin as a childhood friend, and realizes his current situation, he decides to give him work for the summer. Unintentionally, a power & desire game is generated and a strange relationship starts to grow, but it cannot flourish mostly because of the social differences that grew between them since childhood. 

Monday, March 3

Hairy Hunk Anderson Barbosa

JUICY!!!!!!Isn’t he the perfect kind of hunk to finish off the working week? Yeah, it might be far better to have him your bed, that would be an amazing way to end the week, but as that’s not gonna happen we can at least appreciate his hunkiness on our screens.
Some might say there’s too much hair, others might say there’s not enough, but personally I don’t care about that, the guy is hot and I would not be picky about such a trivial thing when he’s the kind of man attached to that fur! 


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