Friday, August 1


Robbie Rogers is the hot pro soccer player who came out in LAST YEAR , and then quit soccer. He had been a pro player in England, and a member of the National American team. In his coming out post online, he wrote about how he lived with terrible fear while he played the sport that was his entire life. Robbie says football's culture makes it hard for gay players to stay in the sport. Rogers recently became only the second British-based footballer after Justin Fashanu to admit he was gay, but the United States international waited until quitting Championship club Leeds before going public with the news. The 25-year-old's contract with Leeds was cancelled by mutual consent in January and a few weeks later Rogers posted a message on his personal website announcing he was gay and had stepped away from football while he considered if he still had a future in the game. In his first interview since his revelation, Rogers claims the sometimes vicious banter between team-mates would make a football changing room a hard place for a gay player to be. "In football it's obviously impossible to come out because no one has done it. No one. It's crazy and sad. I thought: 'Why don't I step away and deal with this and my family and be happy?'


  1. This is so sad. Still going out in closet while your a sport member is so tough and difficult to do. But I salute at those sport athletes/players who were brave and decided to come out. Its not going to be easy along the way... But in the long run they will later going to accept it...after all we all knew there's a lot out there who wants to come out... Just go on. Nothing wrong with being true to your self. If they can't handle and accept it then they better shut their big mouths. I have so.much respect for LGBT communities, they've shared so much of their talents,generosity, heart and effort to bring out the best in them.

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