Wednesday, September 10


This gay love story features the sexual orientation and relationship between two cute young step brothers, Golf and Bank. And you get not one but two good looking Flukes for your money: Fluke (Pongsatorn Sripinta) and Fluke (Teerapat Lohanan) and a supporting cast offering plenty of eye candy for any gay audience. The film is aimed primarily at a Thai audience and the drama is portrayed in a very Thai way embodying Thai social understandings which perhaps maybe confusing for a western audience.


  1. still get tears in my eyes when I watched this movie -- TWICE. The way they created the tension, mixing back and forth the past and present, and the twist at the end (sorry I won't spoil the story for you). The two boys were pricelessly gorgeous. I can't believe that anyone could create the concept of two (step) brothers falling in love. It started out like a lot of boy-love Thai movies but as the movie gathered speed they brought out something that was much deeper than puppy love. The family's reaction to the whole thing was so unique. Once again, not the usual way parents react when they find their son(s) are gay. And the supporting actors -- the four classmates -- are astounding. Usually you don't notice the supporting actors, but these ones played a strong role in this movie's foundation -- although the script failed to strengthen their role and some of their story-lines. Quote fine to have such supporting personalities to the two brothers. Thanks for a great movie.

  2. This is a really sad movie but the fact how the brain tumor just came out of nowhere just didn't do it for me. I do appreciate how the director takes the attention off of the sex scene and focuses more on the story itself (but not that I would mind the sex scenes haha). Gay love in movies is always so pure! (I like that) . But why does it always have to be so sad though?? Ahhh

  3. I love the movie!!! Everything is so good... Storyline, actors and the directors... It is so good till I cry at the end. Take care brothers!

  4. I love it... Even thou the ending is so sad, I cried a lot and I enjoyed it very much their friends accepted them and support them truly... P'Bank & P'Golf's sweetness thou overload much their smile too so handsome :)

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