Saturday, October 3

Gay Short Film - Caged - A LGBT Short Film - A Gay Best Friend

JUICY!!!!!!Gay Short Film - Caged - A LGBT Short Film - A Gay Best Friend David and Neils are best friends and their love for each other as friends came about because of their love of sports. However, their friendship will be tested when David finds out that Neils is gay.

Tuesday, September 8

Time Of Our Lives


Time Of Our Lives

Diego Arnary And Roman Dawidoff

JUICY!!!!!!This shoot with gorgeous men Diego Arnary and Roman Dawidoff is a perfect example of what the guy is famous for. These two look amazing together, with awesome bodies on show and some very teasing cock bulges too. Everything about these two guys should have you horny and wanting more.


handsome and muscled hunk Roman in this mix. There’s not enough of him in my opinion. Don’t get me

Monday, August 31


JUICY!!!!!!t seems this gorgeous guy found some fame last year when he was chosen to be Ellen’s new gardener (although I’m not sure how long that lasted, is he still there?) and I think we probably all agree that she has a good eye for sexy men considering she’s not into dudes at all lol
He is a very handsome and fit man, made even sexier by his willingness to show off a little more flesh than most other male models of his standing. Although, we have to remember that one of her other gardeners actually put some cock-out selfies on the Internet for the world to enjoy before he found fame on her show. I can’t remember his name right now, but I think some of you might know and will probably give his name in the comments.
What do I love about Derek Yates? He’s hot, he has a totally fit and tight body, he has just enough hair on his chest, and of course he doesn’t mind showing off that bulge either. These are all the ingredients I look for in a top guy to share 


Saturday, August 22

O Melhor Amigo (2013) The Best Friend

JUICY!!!!!! Lucas (Jesuita Barbosa, Praia do Futuro) and Felipe (Victor Sousa) spend their first day of vacation together joking around and hanging out at the beach. Sun, sand, sea, music and even a random fling - everything looks perfect but beneath these chill-out moments Lucas’ heart is on fire.

Cal -2013

JUICY!!!!!! 20 year-old Cal returns from France to Britain after receiving news that his mother is ill. He finds his home city of Bristol facing hard times, with poverty and crime on the rise and rioting and looting rife. Now openly gay, Cal clashes with his homophobic mother and alcoholic, predatory aunt. Things soon turn around upon meeting a cute, young student who needs his help. However, Cal’s act of kindness brings about a whole lot of trouble and a race against time to make peace with his mother and escape his home town. An intense, dark and intelligent feature bringing Cal’s story bang up-to-date.

Last Call (Gay Short Film) | 2009

JUICY!!!!!             Last Call (Gay Short Film) |  2009

A drama about Gavin, a recovering alcoholic, who dies and ends up in a strangely familiar bar where the mysterious Bartender lets him live out favorite moments form his life before entering heaven.

Tuesday, August 18

Derek Yates

JUICY!!!!!!Obviously this guy is real handsome, and he has a great body too with a little fur in the right places, but can we just talk about that bulge for a minute?
Man, that is one seriously hot looking package the guy has, and although we could probably all tell from his other shoots that he has quite a lot to play with, this shoot really shows off that package quite well. I’m not gonna start imagining measurements and things, I think you guys can come up with all that yourselve

s, but I am gonna say that he seems to be pretty well hung!

Monday, August 10

Looking Real Fine John Kharalian

JUICY!!!!!!John Kharalian is certainly a new one though, although there is more of him out there looking a little more twinky than jock. I prefer how he looks now, he’s gained some muscle and definition, and he’s definitely a little more handsome as a result too.
And yes, I did notice that little tattoo, and I really, really want to know what it says. The position of it suggests something sexual, no?

Marco Dapper _full frontal

JUICY!!!!!!There are so many truly gorgeous men out there in the world, but some are definitely what we might consider to be “perfect”. I have a sneaking suspicion that for a lot of you Marco Dapper is one of those perfect men.
He’s so handsome it’s almost ridiculous, and that body is so sexy he puts just about every male model I could have shared here today to shame. And I probably don’t need to mention his genitals, but I’m going to anyway.
I love a guy with a big and heavy paid of balls, and he definitely has a lot of balls to play with!


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