Sunday, January 18

Love's coming - Thai Gay Movie

  - It’s seems sexual ambiguity is the biggest trend in Thai films right now. The latest to tread this path is Love’s Coming, written and directed by newcomer Naphat Jaitiangthum. Coming out under the banner of new movie house Mung Mee Productions next March, the rom-com will feature five cute boys, among them internet idols Gum Suthinuth and Noraphat Sakulsung, so it’s fair to say the film has already caused quite a stir online. The storyline revolves around a group of schoolboys who suspect two of their number are gay and in love with each other. They come up with ways to prove the secret love affair, but things get more complicated when a girl comes into play.


  1. I love this movie! Finally a gay movie with a HAPPY ending! We're on a good start 2015. Why are Thai guys soo cute?? Anyways I like Thai movies in general i think I've watched so many i need new ones to add my list! (wait did they say love's coming 2 is going to happen?? OMG)

  2. Super like this movie, I was very simple yet touches my heart and thank you for the person who exerted effort in putting English Sub. for this one. It really helps me and other people who didn't understand Thai. I'm super excited and looking forward for the Love's coming 2 :)



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