Saturday, August 1

BRace (2013)

JUICY!!!!!After coming out and lesaving his girlfrien !

BRACE (Short Film 2015) from Jake Graf on Vimeo.

Brace is the hot new award winning short from Up and Up Productions, written, produced and starring Jake Graf, and directed by Sophy Holland and Alicya Eyo.

'After coming out and leaving his girlfriend, Adam dreams of finding acceptance within London's gay scene.
His burgeoning freedom is soon challenged when he meets Rocky, a handsome stranger who is harboring a secret that he desperately wants to share with Adam.
As their bond strengthens and Rocky prepares to reveal his secret to Adam, their fledgling romance is ruptured by a cataclysmic event that forces the truth to come out in the most explosive manner.'

Screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide, including Outfest, Frameline, InsideOut Toronto, winner Best Short at Queer-STREIFEN, Germany, The Alfred C Kinsey Award at Bloomington Pride, Indiana, nominated for Best British Short at The Iris Prize Film Festival.

Follow Jake Graf on Twitter: @JakeGraf1
Instagram: JAKE_GRAF5
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Jake-Graf/420417278137180


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