Saturday, August 8

Bryce Thompson Gets Naked!

We’ve seen Bryce Thompson in a shoot before by legendary Rick Day, but this one is even hotter than that. And yes, after seeing this shoot by Greg Vaughan this dude has now shot up into my top five of make model hunks I would love to get it on with!
I have a feeling I might be joining a long line of dudes reading this who would willingly fight me for that chance though, right guys?
He has everything – he’s so handsome, he has a tight and defined body, he has just enough hair in all the right places, and it seems he’s happy to tease and show a little more than most too.
Yes, everything I look for in a man is right here.
The fact that he’s also stripping out of a sexy suit just adds to his sexiness.
I think I just realized that I have a thing for handsome men in suits too. When I saw this I instantly thought back to going to a wedding a few years ago and meeting a fucking gorgeous guy wearing a suit, then seeing him hauling out his big dick at the urinals… I never hooked up with him, but he was one of those guys you really, desperately want to get to

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