Monday, August 31


JUICY!!!!!!t seems this gorgeous guy found some fame last year when he was chosen to be Ellen’s new gardener (although I’m not sure how long that lasted, is he still there?) and I think we probably all agree that she has a good eye for sexy men considering she’s not into dudes at all lol
He is a very handsome and fit man, made even sexier by his willingness to show off a little more flesh than most other male models of his standing. Although, we have to remember that one of her other gardeners actually put some cock-out selfies on the Internet for the world to enjoy before he found fame on her show. I can’t remember his name right now, but I think some of you might know and will probably give his name in the comments.
What do I love about Derek Yates? He’s hot, he has a totally fit and tight body, he has just enough hair on his chest, and of course he doesn’t mind showing off that bulge either. These are all the ingredients I look for in a top guy to share 


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