Monday, August 10

Louis Antoine Raymond

JUICY!!!!!!I know you might be a little pissed that there’s not more of this guy, but this is all I could find in this shoot. Still, he’s a handsome guy with a tanned and fit body and a great bulge that’s worthy of comment.
I have to say too that I’m not sure I understand the practical uses for such underwear. You guys all know that I have a big collection myself, covering everything from the classic loose boxers to some form hugging pouches, but I tend to go for more coverage than these examples provide. Maybe I’m missing something, but these are really only good for showing off for a lover, right?
And it also has to be said that if were walking around my place wearing nothing but these, I think I would end up breaking things. That’s enough of a bulge to be knocking things over and clearing tables of delicate items! lol

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