Thursday, June 30


This is the kind of man I can’t help but stare at when I go to the gym. I’m sorry to all those men out there who hate getting the longing gazes of other guys at the gym, but if you look like this dude then you deserve it. His name is Tony, no second name that I can find. He’s referred to as Tony Model Fr on social media, basically because his name is Tony, he’s a fitness model, and he’s French. Dah! Am I the only one who thinks there’s something of the Benjamin Godfre about him? I think it’s a collection of things from that tight and fit body, his obvious sexual energy, his kissable lips and those gorgeous eyes. To be honest, every bit of this handsome hunk is worthy of appreciation. Photographer Lionel Andre is the lucky man getting the chance to hang out with him and take these stunning pics of the guy, and we’re all completely jealous of course. Can you imagine seeing this guy laying there naked in front of you? I would probably lose it and the pics I took would end up looking awful lol


I love this guy, and even though he’s not big and buff (as pointed out in one comment on the last collection of pics of the guy) he’s a handsome guy with a good body and a great dick worthy of seeing! I can’t imagine that anyone would complain about seeing this dude showing off in this sexy shoot by Mateo Armand, it’s a nice collection of photos and definitely deserves some appreciation. Surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have done a whole lot when it comes to photography, but I hope that’s going to change in the future. The dude has a lot to offer, in more ways than one! What we do have so far is a lot of sexy nakedness, both artistic and natural and erotic too. This shoot might not be as full-on as the last, but it’s a lovely collection of images we can all


Roman khodorov (aka Roman Dawidoff) He’s looking totally amazing in this shoot by Cruz Visionnaire Photography, and even though this is the first time I’ve heard of them if this is the kind of thing they deliver than I think I need to get out there and have a better look around for more. Even if you’re not that into massive muscle men you have to admit that he has a whole lot of everything else going on here too, would any of you guys turn him down if you had the chance to spend some “personal time” with this guy.

Wednesday, June 29


Mark Neumann licks his gay bar past. That’s how the headline should be. The up and coming young actor is now one of the go-to guys in TV5. He’s getting noticed, too, outside his home station. One thing admirable about Mark is that he’s acknowledging issues head-on. Recently, there was a wank video that surfaced with his likeness on it. He admitted the hard evidence, saying it was “Human error. I was young, I did my mistakes and I learn from them.” How impressive is that? I say it again to all the lazy ugly fucks out there: it’s all about dedication, perseverance and hard work. Of course, good looks played well for this German-Filipino-Croatian guy.  He has definitely risen above his Club 690 days. Good for him and he deserves all the success in the world.


Desejo carnal http://youtu.be/Sgw71wYBvTU

Sunday, June 26


JUICY!!!!!!the sweet and cute face goes naked


WATER BOY After a long time i am back with this really good movie from thailand. http://youtu.be/oKwNyYMU-Tc


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