Thursday, June 30


This is the kind of man I can’t help but stare at when I go to the gym. I’m sorry to all those men out there who hate getting the longing gazes of other guys at the gym, but if you look like this dude then you deserve it. His name is Tony, no second name that I can find. He’s referred to as Tony Model Fr on social media, basically because his name is Tony, he’s a fitness model, and he’s French. Dah! Am I the only one who thinks there’s something of the Benjamin Godfre about him? I think it’s a collection of things from that tight and fit body, his obvious sexual energy, his kissable lips and those gorgeous eyes. To be honest, every bit of this handsome hunk is worthy of appreciation. Photographer Lionel Andre is the lucky man getting the chance to hang out with him and take these stunning pics of the guy, and we’re all completely jealous of course. Can you imagine seeing this guy laying there naked in front of you? I would probably lose it and the pics I took would end up looking awful lol

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