Friday, July 22


JUICY!!!!!! I may not able to write more about this gorgeous guy but one thing i can say is.. he is hot...


Christian Hogue Bulge he’s a damn fine looking man, with a beautiful face and an incredibly sexy body, but for this post our attention is definitely drawn to one specific area of the stud… It might be lewd to state it, I might be unnecessarily pointing out the obvious, but damn the guy has one of the most impressive bulges I think I’ve ever seen on a male model of his level.


JUICY!!!!!!     Seth fornea Get those fingers ready, I want to see plenty of appreciative comments for this handsome red headed hunk at the bottom of this post  Fans of the handsome and built hunk will know that he’s no stranger to showing off his thick and meaty dick in some very sexy shoots, but this teasing collection of photos by Lëo Castro is just as delicious. The guy clearly knows how to get our pulses racing, and our pants feeling a lot tighter too. He’s a confident guy with a lot to share with the world, and you can bet that I’m gonna be looking for more after being reacquainted with him. There’s a lot to love about the handsome stud, but I have to make mention of that slightly hairy chest… I love seeing that on a guy. Leave a comment below, give the guy a thumbs up and share this post around out there with all your lucky friends and followers too  Have a great HDay everyone. You might also like: A Sexy Look At Seth Fornea Cheating On A Boyfriend With His Fuck Buddy – Daxton ... Handsome And Fit Unknown Model – Can You Name Him? Link


JUICY!! Naked Muscle Man Luca Agra Is Back! I was just looking back through some of the nude posts on the blog and it came to my attention that you guys appreciated Luca Agra as much as I did with your thumbs up votes and your comments, so of course I had to get out there and see what else I could find of this guy. You’ll be glad to know there’s more of this insanely hot muscle man naked and showing it all off for us! He’s based in London, he’s into all kinds of shoots and doesn’t really have many limits when it comes to getting his clothes off and delivering a gorgeous collection of photos like this one. He’s obviously a gym buff hunk, but he’s also into sports… I confess that I’ve never been that sporty, but you can bet that if this guy was on a local football team I would be signing up to play at the weekends, just to enjoy the sight of him in the showers after the game! lol He’s gorgeous, he has a truly amazing body, and of course he has a very nice cock too  I do think 1

Tuesday, July 19


JUICY!!!! Filipino TV Host Paolo Bediones Sex Tapes Leaked (1 of 5) Paolo Bediones is a highly revered and award-winning TV host, news anchor and radio announcer from the Philippines. His sex tape was first leaked in July 2014 and the scandal went on to shake the Filipino entertainment industry mostly due to Paolo Bediones’ squeaky clean and goody-two-shoes public image. Before the storm could die down, a second sex video leak hit in August 2014. Till date there are a total of five sex videos leaked. !


Korean Model/Singer Kim Min Jun Webcam Vid Leaked Kim Min Jun took part in Korean TV talent show Superstar K and stole many hearts with his fresh boyish looks, great height, and endearing persona.


Turkish Footballer Deniz Mehmet Nude Pics Leaked! Sexy professional football player Deniz Mehmet, who was born in Kent, United Kingdom but plays for Turkey got his amazing nude pics leaked and everybody is going crazy over them. The 22 years old not only is totally naked but fully erect too! His bulge delivered a huge surprise, Denis hard-on is pretty spectacular but given the kind of stud he is that was in the cards but what we didn’t expect was getting an extra bonus in the form of his perfect firm bubble butt. He’s totally drool-worthy front and back!


Taiwanese Celeb Milk Lin (牛奶哥哥) Blowjob Vid Leaked A home made blowjob vid featuring Taiwanese TV host Milk Lin (牛奶哥哥,本名林宗彥) has been leaked, apparently by his roomie 北體紅人 Ho Benson. Benson is also the person who’s being serviced. This is the third time Milk Lin was caught in a scandal involving x-rated material, however, he claimed that both previous pics were photoshopped. And this time, it’s kind of difficult to deny as it is in motion. Watch the videos below and let us know what you think. W !!!


Chinese Pop Star Li Daimo Lookalike Blow Job Video We just came across this hot blow job video and think the guy in it looks very much like Li Daimo 李代沫, a Chinese pop singer who became famous after participating the first season of The Voice of China. Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think  Shortly after Li Daimo’s appearance on The Voice of China, someone who claimed to be his ex boyfriend posted their intimate photos online, and more pics of Li Daimo hanging with gay guys surfaced by detective work of netizens. In March 2014, Li was arrested due to drug possession. The court found Li guilty and sentenced him to nine months in prison.


JUICY!!!!!!James Ma Thai-Hong Kong Actor/Model James Ma Pissing Photo Leaked! James Ma (Thai: เจมส์ มาร์) is a half-Thai-half-Hong Kong actor and model, working at popular Thai television channel, ThaiTV3. A picture of this cutie pissing has been posted online James has talked to the press and denies that he is the pissing man in the photo. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Friday, July 15




JUICY!!!!!!JOHAN SANTOS..pinoy big brother contestant


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