Friday, July 22


JUICY!! Naked Muscle Man Luca Agra Is Back! I was just looking back through some of the nude posts on the blog and it came to my attention that you guys appreciated Luca Agra as much as I did with your thumbs up votes and your comments, so of course I had to get out there and see what else I could find of this guy. You’ll be glad to know there’s more of this insanely hot muscle man naked and showing it all off for us! He’s based in London, he’s into all kinds of shoots and doesn’t really have many limits when it comes to getting his clothes off and delivering a gorgeous collection of photos like this one. He’s obviously a gym buff hunk, but he’s also into sports… I confess that I’ve never been that sporty, but you can bet that if this guy was on a local football team I would be signing up to play at the weekends, just to enjoy the sight of him in the showers after the game! lol He’s gorgeous, he has a truly amazing body, and of course he has a very nice cock too  I do think 1


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