Sunday, November 13


MONTGOMERY CREASON Those lips! There are things I want to say about Montgomery Creason‘s lips that I feel oddly compelled to hold back, solely because he’s a male model who might not be comfortable with me objectifying him to that degree. n Arguably, I shouldn’t be treating any of the men I write about here like pieces of meat—unless they like to be treated that way—but sometimes you really want to compliment someone on their amazing lips and make a statement about how great they’d look wrapped around y our dick. Not that I’m saying such a thing about Montgomery Creason! Alt hough, I should specify that I’m not not saying such a thing about Montgomery Creason. The bottom line is, he has some very nice lips, and the rest of the package isn’t half-bad either. I enjoy gazing upon him in a way that may or may not involve my penis outside of my pants.

Nathaniel Squersato bulge

Brazilian Male Model Nataniel Squersato Why is it that so many Brazilian guys are damn fine? I guess the same can be said for several nationalities, but it just seems to me that there are so many gorgeous Brazilian guys in male modeling, and gay porn too, who are just drop-dead gorgeous. Natan Squersato is one of those guys, in my opinion. Everything about this guy is perfect, from his athletic build to his gorgeous eyes to those kissable lips… And check out that V leading down into his underwear! I love seeing that on a guy. I was just checking out this new shoot by Jason Oung and I instantly wanted to see more of the guy. There are some other great shoots out there too, so don’t be surprised if we see more of this handsome dude on here in the future. There’s a lot of fashion photography featuring this guy, but it seems as though he’s one of those models who isn’t afraid to get a little more teasing with a photographer. I don’t think we’ll find any totally nude shoots, but I guess you never know these days! Fingers crossed he’s done at least one with a full-frontal. I know I’m not the only one who would love to see that  Enjoy his photos, leave a comment, hit that thumbs up button and share this post around out there too, you know you want


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