Sunday, November 13


MONTGOMERY CREASON Those lips! There are things I want to say about Montgomery Creason‘s lips that I feel oddly compelled to hold back, solely because he’s a male model who might not be comfortable with me objectifying him to that degree. n Arguably, I shouldn’t be treating any of the men I write about here like pieces of meat—unless they like to be treated that way—but sometimes you really want to compliment someone on their amazing lips and make a statement about how great they’d look wrapped around y our dick. Not that I’m saying such a thing about Montgomery Creason! Alt hough, I should specify that I’m not not saying such a thing about Montgomery Creason. The bottom line is, he has some very nice lips, and the rest of the package isn’t half-bad either. I enjoy gazing upon him in a way that may or may not involve my penis outside of my pants.

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